Stacy Bayne

Stacy in Dallas Texas with renowned artist Giuseppe Armani in 1996. 

Stacy in Dallas Texas with renowned artist Giuseppe Armani in 1996. 

“My fascination with cultures has always been a great motivation to explore. My hands, tools, and clay are where it all begins.”

        "Art Speaks volumes for those without a voice."

    Stacy’s appreciation of art began at the age of 17 when she had the opportunity to travel and reside in five foreign countries over the next seven years. Working the runways and modeling allowed her to spend most of her spare time in museums and art galleries around the world. These seven years proved to be much more than she would have ever thought at the time.

   “What I learned through my travels I could have never learned or experienced in a classroom or from books. I ate the food, spoke the language, but most importantly I was given the opportunity to ‘absorb’ some of the greatest works of art in history. I often refer to this time as my college years. ”

   Fast-forward 10 years…. Stacy began her own venture into the art world. As a self-taught artist  and a single mother of three young children Stacy wanted to work at home. This is when she discovered the world of porcelain doll making. With measurable success this turned out to be only a stepping-stone on the path to becoming an Artist … a very daunting thought with three babies at her feet.

 During a signing event at an Art gallery in Dallas Texas Stacy met the world-renowned sculptor Giuseppe Armani. This meeting turned into a five hour sculpting lesson with the Artist after she was invited by Armani to step behind the roped off area where he shared some of his sculpting tips. “This was my aha moment! The experience completely changed my approach and understanding of my talent as well as my future endeavors. I still have the small clay heart that Giuseppe made and signed for me and I will cherish it forever.”

  In 1997 Stacy began to work as the creator and artist of a home décor line of sculpture titled ‘The Maasai Collection’. The collection went on to sell in over 21 countries over the next seven years. A lot of travel and many miles behind her Stacy wanted to be more at home so she ended her relationship with the company. Now I was able to follow my own ideas and explore different opportunities to express my ideas and vision thru my art.

   In 2005 Stacy began to dip her toes into the world of fine art bronze. Creating her first pieces of bronze using the lost-wax process this proved to be a very challenging medium yet exciting. Than came the art shows as well as sales and this path was well on its way. Then as we all remember oh so well the economy crashed!

  Having to wear several hats at the time Stacy went back to home design and production for a design team in Los Angeles Ca. Far from the art world yet still able to be creative this past eight years has been long and hard but has been an incredible time for reflection. After the loss of her father in 2013 Stacy moved back to Loveland Colorado to be there for her mother. As time has healed after the crash of 2008 she has began to create again. As the Rocky Mountains are now my backdrop and I am able to let my hands begin the conversation.

   In 2001 the United Nations Secretary addressed the Florence Biennale with this thought…  “Artist’s have a special role to play in the global struggle for peace. At their best, artists speak not only to people; they speak for them. Art is a weapon against ignorance and hatred and an agent of public awareness…. Art opens new doors for learning, understanding, and peace among people and nations.”

  This very powerful message still rings true in my heart and soul and I hope to continue to create and open those doors. “ Art speaks volumes for those without a voice in this ever-changing world we all find ourselves apart of.”